What We Do

Our teleMOVEMENT team has designed a software solution that will guide individuals with common musculoskeletal disorders to the right care at the right time. teleMOVEMENT creates individualized recovery programs, designed to meet the unique needs of each individual.

93% of employees who have muscle and joint pain never receive the care they need.  This can lead to invasive surgery, workers compensation claims, and potential opioid addiction, leading to costs that are extremely high for employers.

Improve Productivity 
Untreated muscle and joint pain costs employers an estimated $1030 per employee per year.  teleMOVEMENT allows employees to access help that is on their own schedule, allowing them to address any issues that arise before they start to significantly impact their well-being.

Increase Access to Care
Many people who seek professional help for muscle and joint pain fail to complete their course of treatment due to geographical constraints, financial concerns, or the inability to attend treatment during work hours.  With teleMOVEMENT, employees can access care anytime and anyplace.  By translating complex medical terms into easy to understand vocabulary, and integrating with your current wellness portal, we reduce the barriers, enabling easy access for all.

When you implement teleMOVEMENT, employee productivity will improve, sick days will be reduced, and lost time will be recovered.  That means positive effects on the bottom line, and on employee health.